Welcome to Pass It On Africa!

Pass It On Africa (formerly Passing It On) is a Brighton-based charity working tirelessly to build schools and support education in some of the poorest parts of Africa. We achieve this through our fund-raising events in the UK, including our flagship superhero-themed races, the HEROES RUN.

We pass on as much of the money you raise as possible, as grants to education projects in Africa, usually through locally run Non-Governmental Organisations. We do our best to seek out communities with teachers who are passionate about helping their children and young people, and need help to improve the educational environment. In the longer term, our priority is to link teachers and schools to the national Ministry of Education in that country.

Countless individuals, teams, groups and companies have helped us raise over £40,000 in 2014 alone, and our huge thanks go to every one of you! Pass It On Africa is particularly keen to put on fundraising events with UK schools and universities but, whoever you are, if you share our dedication to education (and you love superhero costumes), please get in touch!

Pass It On Africa is a registered charity in the UK and Wales, Registered charity number 1112250.

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